10/26 – Athens GA @ Newtown Jammz

Can Band // Time (FL) // Lambda Celsius

Come catch space helmet strobe lights in the living room via Time (FL)’s sensory set and new darkwave jammies via ac carter/lambda celsius

chillin’ beer music early show
7-10pm @ john, john, and michael’s house in newtown.

**Can band** heavy jammin Can cover band plays the kraut classics, brings vitamin C for sniffles — just in time for halloween

**Time (FL)** floridian’s TIME return this TIME with a special live performance just for us [[Michael Collins (founding members of Prince Rama)]] https://timeiam.bandcamp.com/releases http://timeiam.com/

**Lambda Celsius Λ°C** fresh dark wave jams close out the tour sandwichhttps://phinery.bandcamp.com/album/chaise

Come hang, suggested donation for touring artists

Will run on thyme! Contact for directions if you need

7:30 can band
8:30 lambda celsius
9:30 time (fl)



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4/22 – Savannah, GA @ Sulfur Studios





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TIME is on now

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Gettin ready for yaaaa. Taylip opens the night up soooon !

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@sarahkinlaw is on now

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@sarahkinlaw was absolutely amazing ! The final act of the night TIME is up next please don't miss them !

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4/21 – Athens, GA @ Go Bar

⏉i/\/\e (fl) // richard gumby // los porquitos // DJ mahogany

TIME is some kinda half-dimension that was bound 2 fall in love w space. now theyre married! Time is also a married cupple band from gainesville FL containing michael collins (Prince Rama). 3 bands and a DJ should make this a love’lee friday nightTIME.

a multisensory psychedelic cathartic minimal wave/dancepop electronic experience with lots of fog, lasers n lites

richard gumby ✧
top 40’s

✧ los porquitos ✧
jose antonio from Chiapas, mexico sings Cumbia songs en español 
feat. members of Vacations!

DJ mahogany ✧
spinning only the beßt of the beßt disqo n dance hits

$5 (or best offer)
doors 9:30
musiq 10:00