11/18 – Gainesville FL @ Civic Media Center

The Fine Print Presents: Party Like You’re a Plant


When climate change destroys all of human civilization and plants are left to pick up the pieces, what will they do with all their spare time?

Like teenagers whose parents are outta town, we’d like to think they’ll celebrate our absense. So, for our first benefit show of this year’s print cycle, we’re asking you to suspend your imagination and picture: If plants could a party, how would they party?

Our greenhouse party will include:
– Music from TIME, Goode Bye, Gutless + Rayya
– A photobooth, manned by Mysterious Plant Men and our photo editor, Anne Marie
– A Teletubby Sun Baby, to get the party started with some photosynthesis
– A free keg, plus some bloomin’ mint mojitos

Music starts at 9:30 p.m., and we ask for a donation of $5 to 8 at the door (we take cards!). Remember, all donations go to keeping The Fine Print in print!


What TIME is it NOW?! #time #now #thetimeisnow #beherenow @civicmediacenter_ #forevernow

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