12/16 – Orlando, FL @ Orlando Zine Fest

Orlando Zine Fest 2017

50+ of Orlando’s local zinesters, artists, small press publishers, and writers–plus some folks from farther afield–celebrate and support independent publishing and DIY/T with Orlando Zine Fest 2017 on Saturday, December 16 outside of Will’s Pub/Lil Indie’s in the ambitiously appellated Dirty Laundry Amphitheatre.

free entry (of course) – accessible venue – swap and/or buy!

Participating zines:
Alana Questell / Guillermo Casanova
Break the Chain
Bruised Ego
Center for Post-Capitalist History
Citrus Beat Press
Clandestine Channels
Corazón de Pollo
Document Magazine
Event Horizon/Orlando Area SF Society
Facts of Contrition
Female Trouble
Gnome Comics
Gulf Coast Girls
Gutt Ghost
Heat Trash
Heavy Days
Illuminated Paths and Broken Machine Films
Is It Over Yet?
Jurassic Comics
Kieran Castaño
Lemon Press
let’s kiss zine
Liv Jonse (Untitled)
Love Your Rebellion
Mirror Vision
Moonlight Miscellanea
OTHER. Magazine
pomegranate press
Poor Quality Zine/ Amber June Cross Illustration
Protest Song
Psych Cat, ArtAArdvark, Forget me not
Rebel Hearts Publishing / Vintage radical zines
Records for Radicals
Reflections on Gun Control
Sanford Comic Collective
Sketchobook, Expedition, ATTN:, Tourist
SpOoOoky Steve
Street Type Zine
The Cult of Epigmenio Cruz
The Sensory Times

~bar at lil indies open from 4 p.m.
~coffee/tea by Danny Alvarez
~Sushi & Seoul On The Roll food truck

Florida is Loud 2017 at Will’s Pub will be going on next door!



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#TimeMirrorVision #zinefest

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