3/06 — Houston TX @ Notsuoh

LBC presents TIME (3.6.18)


Those out there that are loyal Lazybit devotees are probably pretty familiar with Notsuoh’s at this point, and what we bring to the night. We are proud to be able to shake that up and show you something you’ve never seen from us before….

On Tuesday, March 6th, we are infinitely pumped to host TIME for the Houston stop on their 2018 national tour!

North Florida’s Time, the duo of creative and life partners Michael and Madhava Collins, are giving devotional music a very radical overhaul. The fervent disciples of Krishna consciousness are taking the frothy, bubbly and extremely, shall we say, secular sonic framework of synth pop and marrying it to ancient prayers and self-penned exhortations to cast away material attachments […] The twosome are an explosion of light, color, movement, visuals, choreographed dances and delightfully exaggerated gestures. Every verse, every chorus becomes bigger than life, arena-level big, rave-level big. (Matthew Moyer, Orlando Weekly)

They will be joined by Lazybit fam SIXIXIXI Love You Alex Rogan, and Floating Pixels (a fusion set from Float & Ten Pixels Tall).

Like most of our events, this one will have no cover. Feel FREE to come check out this mind melting experience.