3/30 – Detroit, MI @ Kelly’s Bar

NEW HOT BAND THE JUMPSUIT TRIO ?LOVE YOU GUYS! ?#detroit #jumpsuit #timemirrorvision #lifeontour

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Time, The Imaginatron, Vness Wolfchild, Bangers and Mash djs

Time= Gainesville traveling dance dream duo who make most dynamics duos look monochrome. Smoke and mirrors in the best way possible!

The Imaginatron: Detroit based embodiment of the cosmic father Bod. Do bother! Theatrical dance ritual with beeps boops and a savage klezmer edge.

Vness Wolfchild—More cosmic enlightenment/ cosmic heaviness, Vness and her partners will entrance with magical mantras and pop magnetics to bring the clouds down to mingle with the mortals and vica versa

We’ll close out the night with a dance party hosted by the Banger Mash guys, London house, and carribean blues with London Brekkie till last call!


The Imagintron demos #MirrorVision @ Detroit #motown @lovcactus #TimeMirrorVision @timeiam

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@lovcactus imaginatron portal is open ?

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@timeiam gainesville tearing it up

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