4/16 — Portland OR @ Bizzare Times 90.3FM

APRIL 18, 2018

synth lord power duoTIME pay Judy Gloom a visit in the studio to chat about music and maybe kittens.

  • Michael Collins “Let Go” [Violet Flame]
  • Michael Collins “Radha Ramana” [Violet Flame]
  • TIME “Radhika Stava” [TIME]
  • TIME “Time I Am” [TIME]
  • TIME “Divine Ecstasy” [Single]
  • Boy Harsher “Underwater” [Country Girl (Extended Version)]
  • Second Still “Sleep” [Second Still]
  • Some Ember “Serpent Necklace” [Asleep in the Ice Palace]
  • Sixth June “Call Me” [Virgo Rising]
  • Molly Nilsson “Think Pink” [Imaginations]
  • Patrik Fitzgerald “One Little Soldier” [Treasures From The Wax Museum]
  • Solid Space “Tenth Planet” [Space Museum]
  • experimental products “golden hours” [Prototype —– Plus Garage Tracks]
  • Sad Lovers & Giants “Things We Never Did” [E-Mail From Eternity]
  • Lena Platonos “Bloody Shadows from Afar” [Gallop]
  • Solitary Dancer “Emails 2 Myself” [Dualism]
  • Modern Witch “Desire” [Love/Desire]
  • Gel Set “Ether Or” [Human Salad]
  • geneva jacuzzi “clothes on the bed” [lamaze]
  • Cha Cha Guitri “Non non non” [French Synth Wave (St Etienne 1981)]
  • ti-tho “Die Liebe Ist Ein Abenteuer” [Traumtänzer]
  • CANDIDATE “Strange Girl” [Side by Side]
  • Land of Giants “Cannibal Dolls” [Cannibal Dolls/Seven Men]
  • Drinking Electricity “Breakout” [Overload]
  • Das Ding “H.S.T.A.” [H.S.T.A. LP]
  • Doric “C.L.A.” [Over Mentality]




We’re all about the best waves: New Wave, Dark Wave, Cold Wave, and Minimal Wave. We also dive into post-punk, death rock, classic goth, Wax Trax, Italo disco, Industrial, EBM, synthpop, shoegaze, and the occasional random digressions into 80s Freestyle and 90s R&B.