4/30 — Denver CO @ Thought Forms Gallery

TIME, Zanzibar Sand, Lux Hearse

TIME is a gift from Shiva, embodied as a synthpop duo from Gainesville, Florida. They will be stopping by on tour, sharing their expertly crafted dance tracks and fabulous energy on stage. Local support for our monday night devotional disco by Zanzibar Sand, a local artist/mystic/beatsmith playing with downtempo psych arragements featuring plenty Madonna samples. Luxury Hearse will be doing their deep-house deathpop thing, may get noisey. Dj Chris Gaines will be sharing some vinyl and cassette hits thru out the evening. come out, and bring your dancing butts.




set lineup for tonight. see you folks soon.

8:30 DJ Chris Gaines (& between sets)
9:15 Luxury Hearse
10:00 Zanzibar Sand
10:45 TIME