5/14 — Cincinnati OH @ Chameleon

Echo Mecca, Liquid Hologram, TIME

Three electronic, melodic, dance-worthy acts; One Chameleon.
Monday 5.14.18
Name your $uggested Donation, as we have two traveling acts.

Unofficial: TIME comes to Cincinnati from Gainesville, Florida. They create an immersive and otherworldly dance floor experience that disarms, uplifts, and illuminates. The vibration of ancient mantra and spirit-syllable creates a grand umbrella under which all else can take shelter. When passed through this lens of divine love, rhythm marks the relentless ticking of eternity. This force reveals and dissolves, until song soars above all. https://www.facebook.com/eternaltimenow/

Echo Mecca, from Athens, Ohio, is an all-original electronica duo who continues to bend genres and twist digital and organic instruments to forge their own unique sound. With influences ranging from trip hop to punk to psychedelic to dance music, members Stephanie Sayre Filson and Brad Hoffman keep bringing fresh, groovy, high energy goodness to music lovers everywhere! https://www.facebook.com/EchoMecca/

Cincinnati’s Liquid Hologram melds organic and synthetic sounds to create an enchanting musical adventure. Formed in July 2013 as an experimental electronic music project, and recently joined by singer/songwriter Sara Hughes, Liquid Hologram aims to capture ideas and sounds from the outer boundaries of consciousness and bring them back to our collective world.