5/16 — New Brunswick NJ @ ParadiseLost

Hill Boys, Bubblegum Octopus, Time, Hole In The Earth at PLost

A very special night at plost

Hill Boys

Banging dance music made by friends David Pressler (he of Ghost Camp infamy) and Radcliff (NGGA). This newish duo is the deserved hype around town, its sweet-ass beats/drops with NGGA’s crooning. Shoegaze kids stopped gazing and started grinding.

Bubblegum Octopus

A peerless, spazzed out technicolor freak ride. One second anime pop, next second cybergrind turnt up shit. And it all works and is delish! Not to be missed.

Unofficial: TIME (FL)

Experimental pop experience dedicated to following their heart and path, Time taps into something deep, beautiful, and terrifying all at once. A must see.

Hole in the Earth

Artist in residence plays with the duality of life.
Experimental punk

Doors 8:00 Music at 8:30
$5, kindly.

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Yes! to respecting each other
Yes! to BYOB
Yes! to greenery (in the living room)
No phobes
No bullshit

If someone harasses you reach out to a host
(Miguel, Waseem, or the Might Negus Christ)