5/25 — Chattanooga TN @ Music Box Ziggy’s Chattanooga

LATE Show ::::: TIME (FLA) ~ GMO Sharia Law ~ Jesus Wept

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?️ Unofficial: TIME (FLA)

Intergalactic Kali Yuga rave aliens. Laser-blasted spiritual time travelers from an alternate dimension [Florida]. Prepare to perspire in the MIRROR REALM.

“TIME create an immersive and otherworldly dance floor experience that disarms, uplifts, and illuminates. The vibration of ancient mantra and spirit-syllable creates a grand umbrella under which all else can take shelter. When passed through this lens of divine love, rhythm marks the relentless ticking of eternity. This force reveals and dissolves, until song soars above all.”


?️ GMO Sharia Law (Cleveland, TN)

Fast, freakish, and highly spangled mashups. A rollercoaster hell ride through the depths of the UNCANNY VALLEY.



Slam poetry after Auschwitz. Ooltewah indigo child. The songs you know and love (possibly including a Korn cover). His IQ will shock you!


?? TIME DJing *primo* Italo disco between sets ?