5/6 — Louisville KY @ Mag Bar

Time // Vale // Wax Astro // White Knight

TIME (FL) – Experimental synth-pop performance art duo, touring with a mesmerizing mirror stage and light show (http://yesweekly.com/florida-duo-fuse-spirituality-performance-art-and-dance-music-in-winston-salem/) (https://timeiam.bandcamp.com/releases)

VALE (KY) – Trippy acid rock from the 60s flavored with blues, dream pop and jazz (https://valetheband.com/)

WAX ASTRO (KY) – Dreamy powerpop (https://waxastro.bandcamp.com/music)

WHITE KNIGHT (KY) – Dynamic genre-bending prog rock (http://www.whiteknightband.com/