5/9 — Detroit MI @ POP Offworld Arcade

May 9: The Imaginatron / Jack Topht / Time

A celebration of the Time/Space/Topht Continuum:

The Time?

TIME creates an immersive and otherworldly dance floor experience that disarms, uplifts, and illuminates. The vibration of ancient mantra and spirit-syllable creates a grand umbrella under which all else can take shelter. When passed through this lens of divine love, rhythm marks the relentless ticking of eternity. This force reveals and dissolves, until song soars above all.


The Space?

“The Imaginatron is an instrument composed of an all-expansive node of energies thrusting forth from the infinite realities. The band The Imaginatron is a tribute to the entity The Imaginatron. The band name for said instrument attempts to engage and invoke as many of these cosmic energies as possible via the use of dirty synth beats, jazzy guitar, angular erratic vocal spasms and spontaneous rituals that bridge the gap between ancient pagan calls and childhood glee.”


The Topht?

Jack Topht is a facebook.com rapper, an Insideout outsider artist, and an Advocate for ethical shoe Manufacture and Mindful Footwear In General. As an Olympic level Airhorn Pioneer he strikes fear in the hearts of the Norman forces and will cause you to drive all the way home in reverse eating your stuffed crust and crying tears “What was that” all the way into a cave of bats.



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