7/21 — Athens, GA @ Newtown Digs

Live in Newtown: Time (FL) // L’or // Group Grope

Electronic music live in Newtown
Music (in flyer): “Divine Ecstasy” by Time

Unofficial: TIME (FL) grace us with their presence and geometric obscenities, light show and duets not to be missed — been following the incredible music from Michael & Madhava for years. Michael Collins is also an original member of another of my favs, Prince Rama

L’or: athens angel Laura St. Martin’s psychedeli-disney gone classic city full band, revealing your internal idiosyncrasies

Group Grope: real time real music real life from Wyatt Nicholson and Michael Pierce, modular synthesizer and 808’s. incredible high minded musical excellence grope/group — members of the damm newtown neighborhood coalition

starts at 8pm sharpe come hang multimedia style,
ye$ donations for traveling artists, snaxx n drinxx.
n0 bad vibes, yeS silliest dance moves/techniques
contact for address if you need !