8/30 – Dallas TX @ Texas Theatre

Black Moon 35mm Print + Blixaboy and Time Live Behind the Screen

We are pleased to bring you Louis Malle’s fantastical Alice in Wonderland-esque dreamscape, complete with a talking unicorn, talking flowers, a gender war, Joe Dallesandro and all kinds of other weird stuff – on surreal 35mm!

Followed by behind the screen performances by:

Blixaboy (https://www.facebook.com/Blixaboy-Jack-Dover-297563166624/)

Time (https://vimeo.com/214531229)

George Quartz deejays.

Film $10/ Show $6/ Bundle $14

@texastheatre #dallas tonight! #oldmovietheater #synthpop #awesomevenue #behindthescreen #wow

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Grab a large White Russian at the bar tonight for BLACK MOON!

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#behindthescreen at the #texastheater is pretty much the most rad place you could ever be allowed to go.

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