9/14 – Madison WI @ North Street Cabaret

 Juiceboxxx • Time • Cop Circles


Hyperactive Hip Hop for the Punk Rock set! From Milwaukee by way of NYC. DIY to the max. At it for a decade plus with no end in sight! Juiceboxxx just crushed Mickey’s Tavern a couple months back….and he’s currently still on tour! New LP, “Freaked Out American Loser” is out now! HIGHLY recommended for fans of Beastie Boys, The Ramones, Bad Brains, Beck, ETC.

TIME (Gainesville, FL)
TIME (the duo of Michael and Madhava Collins from Gainesville, FL) create an immersive and otherworldly dance floor experience that disarms, uplifts, and illuminates.
For their Mirror Vision Infinity Tour, TIME has teamed up with Gainesville’s Mirror Vision mastermind, artist Jay Rosen. The collaboration combines TIME’s catchy, transportive sounds, chants and dramatic dance with Rosen’s optically immersive experience with reflection, opacity, and infinity.

COP CIRCLES (Madison, via Denver)
Denver transplant, Luke Leavitt’s performances have been described as “inspirational and borderline terrifying”. Expect nihilistic snazztronica dance punk that will dare you to stand still.

Door: $8
Doors open at 7


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This show jams in a few different kinds of strange, delightful, and playful, with three acts that would seem like misfits on most bills but fit pretty well together. Milwaukee’s Juiceboxxx has been rapping and making beats since his teen years, developing a boisterous, lovably hyper style that at times veers into full-on punk-rock territory. He visits here behind the new album Freaked Out American Loser, and it’ll be fun to see how his bouncing-off-the-walls performance style translates in the tasteful environs of the North Street Cabaret. Florida duo Time contort synth-pop in a highly melodramatic, quasi-meditative direction, accompanying their performances with elaborate and trippy visuals. But the most exciting thing on this bill might be Cop Circles, the project of former Denver resident and current Madisonian Luke Leavitt. As captured on 2016’s album Cosmetic Warp, Cop Circles’ economical dance jams are shot through with a winking sense of humor, courtesy of Leavitt’s flirtatious talk-sing vocals. Songs like “Nihilistic Freakazoid” and “If I Wasn’t Dancing (I Would Be Thinking)” might be just a tiny bit goofy, but they also boast lots of taught, sharply deployed layers of rhythm and effervescent synth chords, revealing vulnerability and a keen ear for the finer points dance music. Cop Circles is an eccentric addition to Madison’s electronic offerings, but all the more welcome for that. —Scott Gordon


back in wisconsin. tour starts today. north street cabaret in madison.

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