9/27 – Toronto CAN @ Double Double Land

TIME Infinity Tour w/ Dirty Inputs, Sea Beau, Hexzuul

TIME’s North American Infinity Tour lands in Toronto at DDL with Dirty Inputs, Sea Beau Band and Hexzuul!
TIME create an immersive and otherworldly dance floor experience that disarms, uplifts, and illuminates. The vibration of ancient mantra and spirit-syllable creates a grand umbrella under which all else can take shelter. When passed through this lens of divine love, rhythm marks the relentless ticking of eternity. This force reveals and dissolves, until song soars above all. Unofficial: TIME

Dirty Inputs‘ synth-driven soundscapes search for a balance between the beautiful and the terrifying. The deeply complicated relationship between nature and technology. At times dark and brooding and at others joyful and emotional.

Sea Beau is composer and sonic performer originally from Toronto, ON. They have lived the last two years in Montreal where they study electroacoustic music at Concordia University. In November 2016 they self-released their debut album Extinct Peripheries, which was also accompanied by a music video (dir. Michel Beauvais) release via Noisey for the piece “Decorticate.AnyBody”. Their live sets are multifaceted and ever-changing, spanning between the idioms of avant garde-Classical, electronic, jazz, and noise. They are currently working on a new album of songs and a new live project with other musicians. You can follow them on bandcamp (seabeau.bandcamp.com) or @seeseabeau on social media for updates on future gigs and projects.

Hexzuul is the doom/power electronics project of David Jones (Manticore, ex-Bile Sister). Dark, swampy sounds meet with industrial rhythms and diamond-sharp sparkles. Jones frequently collaborates with dancers, video artists and other musicians, blurring the lines between his own haunted vision of social atrophy with diverse artists surrounding him. Hexzuul recently performed solo and with a collaboratory set with Brigitte Bardon’t at Kazoofest 2017, and with the chemical-based liquid lightshow of Mandelbrut at the 2016 Electric Eclectics festival in Meaford Ontario. His most recent album, Bismuth Graves, is available as a cassette C-60 and as a digital download.


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