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10/11 -Boston MA @ Deep Thoughts JP

ROGOZO&TIME(FL)&QUEERIOD BOMB&DEPARTMENT OF EVERYTHING&DISEMBOWELMENT CHOIR An eclectic night of festive insanity. ROGOZO TIME (FL, mems of Prince Rama) QUEERIOD BOMB (Period Bomb TV (FL)) DEPARTMENT OF EVERYTHING And an opening guttural performance by Disembowelment Choir Come early, there’s couches to sit on, things to look at, people to meet, music… more 10/11 -Boston MA @ Deep Thoughts JP

10/08 – Providence RI @ AS220

Live Electronic Music Performances and Multimedia Arts at AS220 Space Heater Dark Sci-Fi Pop: Maiden X + Joe-Lou Terror Pigeon (TN) A revolving band of musical party-throwers signed to David Byrne’s Luaka Bop record label – are racking up a string of much-hyped shows around Manhattan and Brooklyn.” – NY Times Bellerophon Gritty… more 10/08 – Providence RI @ AS220

10/05 – Portland ME @ The Apohadion Theater

TIME @ Portland #TimeMirrorVision @timeiam Photo @catmntn #MirrorVision #concert #rave #lightart #performance #performingarts #synth #darkwave #music #sublime #geodesic #aesthetic #synthpop #pop #stage #fashion #light #dance #dancemusic #electronica #laser #theatre #daftpunk #darkpop #darkwave #synth #synthpop#artpop #witchpop #apohadion #portland A post shared by Jay Rosen ( on Oct 6, 2017 at 4:20am PDT TIME // Qi Hammer… more 10/05 – Portland ME @ The Apohadion Theater

9/30 – Montreal CAN @ B.O.G.

TIME // La Fievre // Dringo Starr Saturday, September 30th is going to be a night at The BOG like no other! A super psychedelic audio/visual experience. Don’t miss out! TIME Experimental Synth Pop with Mind Melting Visuals all the way from Gainesville Florida! La Fièvre Dark Art Pop from Montreal Dringo Starr Tunky Disco… more 9/30 – Montreal CAN @ B.O.G.

9/29 – Ottawa CAN @ Avant-Garde Bar

TIME w/ Lessons In crime, Hellheart, Noi Ya & Sol the Violinist Come watch some dank artists from across north america rip Avant garde to shreds. TIME @ Ottowa ?? #TimeMirrorVision @timeiam Video @s0l3i1 . . . #MirrorVision #concert #rave #lightart #performance #performingarts #synth #darkwave #music #sublime #geodesic #aesthetic… more 9/29 – Ottawa CAN @ Avant-Garde Bar

9/28 – Peterborough CAN @ Catalina’s

Time (FL) feat. Stunspore & Puppet The unique performative synth stylings of Unofficial: TIME come toCatalina’s in Peterborough! Check out their bandcamp page here: and get excited for this rare opportunity to experience a one of a kind show! They will be supported by the local psychedelic stylings of Stunspore andPUPPET, so come out early and stay late to enjoy a… more 9/28 – Peterborough CAN @ Catalina’s

9/26 – Detroit MI @ Spread Art

The Imaginatron / Time (FL) / Primitive Parts The Imaginatron Is a cosmic entity through which slightly and drastically alternative realities are filtered into ours. The Imaginatron the Band named after this entity. They are a synth Punk ritual and art experience using Glitchy Waves, Noisy Flamconstein Guitar rips, Higgs Boson Triggering Percussive invocations, and… more 9/26 – Detroit MI @ Spread Art

9/23 – Cleveland OH @ R&D

Diaphony, TIME and more live at R&D R&D is excited to present 4 incredible up and coming electronic acts from Pittsburgh as well as Krishna raver heroes TIME from Gainesville FL. The Program: Diaphony (PGH) Duo of Danielle Rager and Susan Kuo on violin and electronics summoning consonant dissonance from medieval chants, neoclassical harmonizations, and postmodern… more 9/23 – Cleveland OH @ R&D