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10/11 -Boston MA @ Deep Thoughts JP

ROGOZO&TIME(FL)&QUEERIOD BOMB&DEPARTMENT OF EVERYTHING&DISEMBOWELMENT CHOIR An eclectic night of festive insanity. ROGOZO https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=K2inkTGs1sE&t=170s TIME (FL, mems of Prince Rama) https://timeiam.bandcamp.com/releases QUEERIOD BOMB (Period Bomb TV (FL)) https://periodbomb.bandcamp.com/album/permanently-wet DEPARTMENT OF EVERYTHING https://departmentofeverything.bandcamp.com/album/monster-in-the-mirror And an opening guttural performance by Disembowelment Choir https://fatshuggy.bandcamp.com/album/everything-is-fucked Come early, there’s couches to sit on, things to look at, people to meet, music… more 10/11 -Boston MA @ Deep Thoughts JP

4/07 – Boston, MA @ Boston Hassle Telethon

Hassle 24 Hour Telethon & Performance Marathon 2017! #BostonHassleTelethon WATCH on SCATV in the Somerville area or WATCH FROM ANYWHERE (w/ a computer/smartphone) streaming @ http://bostonhassle.com/telethon/ Telethon performances ARE open to the public, but space is very limited throughout. We are done with submissions for the Telethon. If you would’ve submitted but were too late… more 4/07 – Boston, MA @ Boston Hassle Telethon