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5/25 — Chattanooga TN @ Music Box Ziggy’s Chattanooga

LATE Show ::::: TIME (FLA) ~ GMO Sharia Law ~ Jesus Wept ?️?️?️?️?️?️ Low T Center PRESENTS ?️?️?️?️?️?️ ?️ Unofficial: TIME (FLA) Intergalactic Kali Yuga rave aliens. Laser-blasted spiritual time travelers from an alternate dimension [Florida]. Prepare to perspire in the MIRROR REALM. “TIME create an immersive and otherworldly dance floor experience that disarms, uplifts, and illuminates. The vibration… more 5/25 — Chattanooga TN @ Music Box Ziggy’s Chattanooga

5/24 — Nashville TN @ Betty’s

Bridges of Königsberg//Time at Betty’s BRIDGES OF KÖNIGSBERG (Milwaukee) Electronic/noise trio ft. Peter J Woods https://peterjwoods.bandcamp.com/album/the-lawrence-sessions TIME (Gainesville) Electronic synth-pop extravagance https://timeiam.bandcamp.com/releases ~with local support from~ DREAM CHAMBERS Etherial dreamtech STREPITUS DIABOLI New solo noise from Annalyse Clark of Tom Violence ————————————————– @ N I N E music at 9 O C L O C… more 5/24 — Nashville TN @ Betty’s